Keeping customers for life.


The Human Touch

As the first marketing professional responsible for customer retention at McCaw (later AT&T Wireless Services), David gained a deep understanding of the behaviors and the underlying attitudes of customers. Knowing the personal reasons why customers voluntarily became ex-customers shaped the design and execution of loyalty, save, and win-back communications and programs.

"He is a true team player and a real leader in gaining and retaining customers and raising their satisfaction levels."
Rick Merson, Director, AT&T Wireless Services

David led the development and execution of segment-specific customer programs. For example, customers who were profitable heavy users in Manhattan, the first digital service area, received special offers before the service was broadly introduced. In addition, save and win-back programs, as well as a usage-based points program with travel, merchandise and wireless service and equipment awards, were introduced.

SOAR Insight



  • With the wireless industry in the early adopter stage and low market penetration in 1993, the focus was on acquiring new customers. Yet, existing customers were churning at an alarming rate – over 2 percent each month


  • Significantly decrease churn
  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Build customer loyalty


  • Understand root causes of customer dissatisfaction and defection
  • Segment customer base on the basis of expected lifetime value and propensity to churn
  • Design and execute programs to reward the best customers
  • Create programs to keep or win back customers


  • Retention and loyalty programs resulted in a 16 percent reduction in customer churn
  • Retention rate was increased by 43 percent among customers requesting to cancel service