Reclaiming the leadership position in the storage market.


The Human Touch

A key marketing challenge was to stimulate interest in solutions that are part of a dull, low-engagement category. By tapping into the personality of the CIO and what “keeps him/her up at night,” David’s team was able to express the intangible and tangible value of relying on the newly branded IBM TotalStorage portfolio. Through poignant, real-life stories in advertising and direct marketing, David’s team portrayed how these products contribute to lowering the IT group's levels of stress over the risks associated with data storage, access, and security.

"David’s approach is intelligent, informed, thoughtful, and passionate toward all of his marketing activities. He clearly knows how to make things happen."
Terri Pensock, Director, Marketing, IBM

In 2000, EMC dominated the growing disk segment of the data storage market. Storage needs were exploding due to e-business and new data-intense applications. Even though it had created and advanced the category over the past 50 years, IBM had “taken its eye off the ball.” To recapture its prior position, IBM established the Storage Systems Group as a separate unit with increased investment.

Leading 20 professionals and working closely with the Americas, EMEA, and AP marketing teams, David and his team generated awareness, preference, and demand. Bottom line, the campaign strategies they designed and executed across advertising, direct and interactive marketing, and events helped IBM surpass EMC and double its share of the storage market in just two years.

SOAR Insight



  • Significant share loss in the storage market


  • Increase mindshare and market share


  • Define brand positioning and strategic message architecture
  • Introduce IBM TotalStorage - unmatched breadth and depth of storage portfolio
  • Focus on major customer pains: data protection, disaster tolerance, data sharing and access, and storage consolidation


  • Doubled market share in 24 months - from 6 to 12 points
  • Ranked No. 1 in awareness, consideration, and preference
  • Exceeded demand lead generation, lead revenue, and win revenue targets