Forging new client relationships. Opening new revenue opportunities.


The Human Touch

Juniper Networks develops and sells networking products, such as routers, switches, network management software and software-defined networking technology to service providers, enterprises and public sector organization. The US cable sector is one of numerous growth segments served by Juniper. To address the infrastructure needs of Comcast, Charter, Cox, Altice and smaller providers, the Juniper account team maintained relationships primarily with the engineering and procurement decision-makers. However, in order to sustain the revenue growth with these companies, new “human connections” were needed.

"David has helped grow our relationships and business in our accounts. Through his leadership of Juniper’s Cable Business Services and Cable Security Working Groups, David fostered valuable information sharing across our vertical - creating collaboration, strong relationships and opportunities across multiple client organizations."
Steve Ewers, Sales Director, Juniper Networks

In particular, Juniper had to establish and nuture relationships with key clients in two critical areas of each organization: commercial services and network security. For Juniper to capture mind share and then market share in each of these areas, strategic engagements with “new” clients had to be forged.

To this end, David created and hosted Juniper’s Cable Business Services Working Group and Cable Security Working Group. On a quarterly basis, cable executives and managers and the relevant Juniper experts would meet to discuss their business and technology opportunities and challenges. This information sharing fostered collaborative problem solving and enabled Juniper to be viewed as a trusted partner who is committed to meeting their needs. Clients rated the quality of the presenters and the value of the content very highly, and always suggested topics for future meetings.

SOAR Insight



  • Reliance on revenue from “traditional” cable network engineering clients


  • Untapped revenue opportunities in commercial services and network security


  • Established and forged relationships with new purchase decision maker and influencers
  • Hosted quarterly Cable Business Services Working Group and Security Working Group meetings
  • Enabled cable clients and their Juniper counterparts to collaboratively problem solve


  • Initiated strategic engagements with new clients in key cable growth areas
  • Elevated Juniper’s profile as a strategic partner committed to meeting their needs
  • Opened incremental and recurring revenue opportunities for Juniper