No longer the New York area's
"Best Kept Secret" for business


The Human Touch

By tapping into the voice of current customers, David and his team created a stronger bond with potential customers. With video-based, sector-focused success stories, they demonstrated the personal benefits realized by individual customers in their own words. Through the Website, e-mail “video boxes,” and the first business-to-business video on-demand channel (iO channel 660), prospects experienced real, passionate views about the value of Lightpath services.

"David is a strategic thinker and is willing to think 'outside the box' to create the optimal solution for the business."
Brian Fabiano, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Cablevision

Throughout the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT), Verizon and AT&T have been the major providers of data, voice, and video services to mid-market and enterprise organizations. Even though Optimum Lightpath has over 3,500 fiber-lit buildings locally, Verizon and AT&T dominate the market. This kept Optimum Lightpath the area’s "best kept secret."

Market research revealed that purchase intent is most influenced by provider reputation and credibility, network performance, customer service, and price. Given that the company had the proof points for network reliability, customer service excellence, and pricing, David decided to focus on raising the brand’s reputation through the voice of the customer.

This breakthrough marketing initiative stimulated higher levels of interest and demand among IT decision-makers across the tri-state area.

SOAR Insight



  • Low awareness of the brand
  • Brand value not fully aligned with purchase triggers


  • Significantly increase mindshare and market share with key audiences


  • Redefine the brand; retool key messages
  • Leverage the customer’s voice
  • Promote brand where decision-makers go for information (online), education (events), and sports (arenas)


  • Delivered over $200 million in highly qualified leads to Sales from 2007 to mid-2009
  • Won Metro Ethernet Forum’s Provider of the Year Award (2006-2008), Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award (2008, 2009); doubled press coverage
  • Elevated reputation with enterprise, healthcare, education, and government video customer success stories
  • Surpassed viewership goals for first business-to-business video on-demand channel